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Layne opts out of bowl game to prepare for NFL Draft

EAST LANSING – Michigan State has had several players make the jump the NFL as underclassmen, but junior cornerback Justin Layne is the first in good standing to leave the program before finishing out the season.

Layne, a long athletic junior corner, has left Michigan State to prepare for the NFL Draft.

“Justin Layne has left the football team, so obviously he won’t be playing in the bowl game, said Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio during his signing day press conference. “Everybody else is still with the team.”

Lane is one of a growing number of draft eligible college football players opting out of bowl games. Dantonio indicated that the decision to play or not play in a bowl game belongs to the player, but also believes that players should play out the season.

“It’s disappointing,” Dantonio said. “Everybody has a philosophy on how these things should work out. My philosophy is that you finish the season, and that includes bowl games or playoff games. Other people feel differently. Doesn’t mean that I’m right and they’re wrong. It’s just a difference of philosophy.”

Sophomore corner Josiah Scott will play in Michigan State’s bowl game. Scott, who has played in three games this season due to injury, would have been eligible for a redshirt had he opted not to play in the Redbox Bowl.

“Josiah will play in the bowl game,” Dantonio said. “It’s his wish. We’ve talked about it at length and he sees it as an opportunity to perform at a high level against a great quarterback and great wide receivers.”

Dantonio said he expects other players considering a jump to the NFL as underclassmen will make their decisions known via announcements at some point following Michigan State’s bowl game on Dec. 31.