VIDEO: Road games, Gophers and Yooper compassion

">VIDEO: Tom Izzo Weekly Press Conference (02/21/2011)
EAST LANSING - Michigan State's fight to the finish is headed to Minneapolis. And according to Tom Izzo Monday afternoon at his weekly press conference, they'll do so with a still-ailing Draymond Green and a pain-fighting Delvon Roe.
"It's just lasting longer and could last a while longer," Izzo said of Green's stomach virus, which has already kept MSU's rebound and assist leader out of practice since late last week. "He's feeling a little bit better (now)."
As for Roe's, who gritted through extreme pain against Illinois, the Spartans simply don't have the luxury of giving him the time needed to rest a deeply-bruised knee.
"If we could sit him for a week or two, maybe (the pain) would go away," Izzo said. "But we're just going to try to manage it the best we can manage it."
On a lighter note, Izzo said he spent time Monday getting someone else out of a jam. Driving down Harrison road in East Lansing with former Spartan Idong Ibok (who is town rehabbing his knee) just before eight this morning, Izzo noticed a woman stuck at the end of her driveway.
Struck with compassion for his fellow man and armed with Yooper-expertise, Izzo pulled over to help.
According to Izzo, all he could think was: 'God, I gotta be a better human being, because I'm always on my guys about being a better teammate.'
But compassion alone didn't get the job done.
"I'm looking at the tires and they aren't spinning," Izzo said. "I looked and she had it in neutral!
"I said, 'You gotta put it in gear'.
"First good thing I've done this month."