V-Cast: Delving into the controversies

EAST LANSING - Four of Michigan State's five losses in 2012 have been within reach for Mark Dantonio's football team.
But Spartan coaches and their players go into the bye week with a different kind of heartbreak than they've experienced during a season of close losses.
Neither Mark Dantonio nor his staff pointed a finger at officials following the 28-24 loss to the Cornhuskers.
But junior tailback Le'Veon Bell put words to what he and his teammates were feeling following a game where officiating had a direct bearing on the game's outcome.
"I just couldn't believe some of the things that happened," said Bell who rushed for 191 yards on 36 carries with two touchdowns. "There was just nothing I could do.
"They all hurt, but this one was really out of our control... There are certain things we can't control. If guys are going to throw flags, there is nothing we can do."
Following the post-game interviews, SpartanMag staffers Jim Comparoni and Paul Konyndyk sat down to provide analysis and observation from Michigan State's heartbreaking loss to Nebraska.
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NOTE: Comp errs in this v-cast when he talks about Nebraska potentially scoring on fourth-and-10 if pass interference hadn't been called on Dennard. Obviously, Nebraska would have attempted a field goal on fourth down to try to force over time. Error on Comp.
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V-Cast: A different kind of heartbreak