EAST LANSING - It doesn't matter if it's field hockey, Draymond Green never wants to see Michigan State lose to Michigan.
And unlike Spartan football, who hasn't lost to the Wolverines since 2007, Green is sitting on back-to-back losses against his rival.
"It means the world to me," Green said. "Like you said, growing up, first off, in Michigan and always being a Michigan State fan and watching and really watching how Cleaves and those guys used to handle Michigan, it always made you want to be a part of it. Being that I am at Michigan State, I always look back on those games and always want to repeat what those guys have done.
"Especially with how last year went, we went 0-2 against them, we put a lot more emphasis on it this year and really want to get a win. Over the years, coming in as a freshman, it doesn't mean as much to you. As you keep constantly growing and growing, and as a Spartan, the more that you take on the program, the school and everything, it just makes it mean a lot more.
"You want to see football beat Michigan, you want to see field hockey beat Michigan, you want to see everybody beat Michigan. Then it becomes your turn."
"It's very personal to me; I'm not gonna lie about it. I want to win these two games and it comes down to that, but I also know what it's going to take to win these two games. It's going to come down to who plays with the most energy. It's not going to come down to talent, who has the most talent, who's running the better things. We know what they run, they know what we run. It's going to come down to who's going to go after the 50/50 balls and come up with those, who's going to comes out with the most intensity, who's going to lock down on the defensive end and get a stop when that's what it takes.
"For me personally, I'm looking forward to having my team ready to do those things because I don't want to lose to Michigan, never want to lose to Michigan, and when I leave here, never want to see Michigan State lose to Michigan. It's not going to change the rest of my life and this year is where it starts."