Recruits buzzing over new NIKE Pro Combat unis

If there is a player on the Michigan State football team that does not like the NIKE Pro Combat uniforms the Spartans will wear when they play in-state rival Michigan on October 15, senior captain Trenton Robinson is not aware of it.
"Not everybody gets an opportunity wear something different," Robinson said. "I know that some of the older guys (that have left) were kind of ticked off that they didn't get to wear them because they always wanted wear something different just one time."
Future Spartans are also excited about the Pro Combat uniforms designed exclusively for the Spartans by NIKE.
"I saw them yesterday morning and I thought they were amazing," said Nick Tompkins, a talented running back commitment from Atlanta (GA) area powerhouse Brookwood High School. "I put pictures of the Pro Combat uniforms on my Facebook page as soon as I could. A lot of people commented on them and some of the guys from our class tagged themselves in there. We are really excited about the uniforms. They look great."
Elite 11 quarterback Tyler O'Connor also likes the Pro Combat look.
"The colors stand out to me because they are really different," said O'Connor. " I saw them on the internet and I thought that they looked awesome. I am going to be at that game and I can't wait to see how the uniforms look on the field. I am excited for that game and I can't wait to see how we play and what Michigan brings."
Tompkins is impressed with the overall look of the uniforms, which feature a bronze colored helmet, dark green jerseys, and black pants.
"The different colors look amazing together," said Tompkins. "It is a new style and I like what NIKE came up with. It is creative and different."
When Michigan State players were approached by head coach Mark Dantonio for input on the uniform, junior Jerel Worthy says he and his teammates requested dark uniforms that incorporated black.
Sarasota, Fla. CB Recruit to Visit MSU"Black looks good with a lot of things," said Worthy. "I really think that NIKE did us well and I really love the helmets, the bronze and green helmets. The cleats and everything are insane, so I am going to enjoy it."
O'Connor likes the new helmets best.
"The bronze helmet is great," explained the Lima Central Catholic star. "The helmet is really different and I don't think many people were expecting that. It is unique. I think that is the best part, the bronze helmet."
The helmet pays homage to the metal which Spartan warriors used to shape western civilization as a military power, which led an alliance of Greek city states to victory over a powerful Persian Empire in a series of armed conflicts between 502 and 499 B.C. referred to by historians as the Greco-Persian Wars.
Rivals250 wide receiver Aaron Burbridge hopes that he will have a chance to wear the Pro Combat gear during his career at Michigan State.
"I would love to wear them, they look sweet," Burbridge said. "I hope we get to wear them or something like them a couple of times when I am there. I like everything about them, I really do."
Southfield Lathrup linebacker Jamal Lyles would also like to suit up in the Pro Combat gear.
"I like them a lot," said Lyles. "I hope they perform well in them. If they do, maybe I can have a chance to wear them when I am there. It is a different look and it is good to change things up occasionally."
While the reaction of current and future Michigan State players has been unanimously positive, the new look which the Spartans will don for one game against their in-state rival will have no impact on the game itself.
"If a uniform affects a football game that would be pretty sad," Robinson said. "It is Michigan-Michigan State. If we went out there in scrubs over our pads, we are going to play hard. It is Michigan-Michigan State. We are excited about the uniforms, it adds a little bit of boost to our swag."