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Recruiting Update for Jan 15th:

Hugh D'Imperio: We tried to catch up with LB Hugh D’Imperio twice last night. He was meeting with Tennessee coaches for several hours. We did speak with his father and he talked about how Hugh is enjoying the process. D’Imperio has 2 visits left, Tennessee and Va Tech. A recent Tennessee report indicated that Va Tech’s proximity to New Jersey (8 hours) could make them a favorite. I can say without a doubt that it doesn’t matter where Hugh D’Imperio goes, his family will be extremely supportive. Hugh has a little brother that is a heck of a player too. He will be a junior next year. You can be sure that if the Spartans are able to get one D’Imperio, they will be back at Washington Township hoping to add another.

MSU LB Coach Mike Cox was at D'Imperio's championship game. That tells Spartan Magazine that D'Imperio is being looked at as a LB for MSU, not DE. D'Imperio moves well in space for someone his size. He reminds us of former Spartan and NFL LB Rob Fredrickson.
Nader Abdallah: We did not call Abdallah, as we know he is very busy entertaining coaches. In addition, he wants to keep his promise and visit all 5 schools before he names any favorite or makes a decision. We did get an e-mail from his brother that updated his schedule. In the past 2 days Abdallah has had coaches from MSU, Colorado, Florida State (Bowden) and Tennessee (Fulmer) visit. Ohio State is also scheduled to stop in later this week. Spartan Head Coach John L Smith, DL Coach Steve Stripling and QB Coach Doug Nussmeier all visited Abdallah earlier this week. It is clear from our observations that Abdallah is the one high school DT the Spartans hope to bring in. The Spartans are no longer recruiting Carl Howard, Neil Smith or Kenny Love. The Spartans DT situation necessitates a player who is physically ready and mature enough to contribute early in his career. Abdallah is that type of player. Abdallah recenlty moved up the Rivals rankings, but is still vastly underrated in opur opinion.
Bryan Brighton: As was reported on the Underground Bunker message board, Bryan Brighton has shot up the recruiting rankings of Tom Lemming. The fact that someone rates Brighton in the top 200 players in the country and #25 in the Midwest is not a total surprise to us. The fact that it is Tom Lemming ranking him there is, though. Lemming has always seemed to favor UM recruits, and his contacts in Michigan seem to be much more UM based. We had Brighton rated above players like Morgan Trent and Isaac Price 8 months ago. It looks like Tom Lemming has figured things out before many other national gurus.
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