Izzo enjoying the moment at Final Four

INDIANAPOLIS - Michigan State coach Tom Izzo has been lighthearted and had a smile on his face whenever he has interacted with members of the media at the podium or outside the Spartan locker room as was the case on Friday prior to his team's public practice at Lucas Oil Stadium.
"If I seem calm and collected, it is more of just trying to enjoy the moment," Izzo said. "I said that I wanted to enjoy the moment all along and I think that I have. I think I have enjoyed the things that we have been able to do and yet you get to Friday now and it is time start ratcheting up."
Izzo's demeanor will certainly change during his ballclub's game with Butler on Saturday, but during the lead up to the Final Four showdown between the Horizon League champions and the defending national runner-up Izzo is happy with the way his team is working toward their collective goal of capturing Michigan State's third national championship.
Michigan State's 15-year veteran head coach remains pleased with the play of Durrell Summers, who celebrated his 21st birthday on Friday. And Izzo expects his team to maintain the focus and poise it has shown through the first two weekends of the tournament.
"My team should be ready to play," Izzo said. "We are playing in the Final Four and we have two games to win a national championship. I like the way they have handled everything."
The Spartans have had four days to prepare for Butler. Izzo says both he and his team are ready to see how they play against a quality team that was ranked Top 15 in most preseason polls.
"When you have 30 hours until game time, and that's when you kind of polish up things," Izzo said. "They hay is already in the barn then. All I have to do is go to the judging party."