SpartanMag - Izzo brings Senior Day crowd to a frenzy
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Izzo brings Senior Day crowd to a frenzy

EAST LANSING - Michigan State did not raise a Big Ten Championship banner on Sunday evening, but the Spartans ended the season with a victory, and a memorable speech from Tom Izzo during Senior Day ceremonies.
Michigan State (24-7 overall and 13-5 in the Big Ten) finished a game behind Indiana in the conference standings, due to Indiana's last-second victory at Michigan on Sunday.
News of Michigan's loss nearly wilted the spirits of Michigan State's players, according to Izzo. But Izzo worked to recharge them during the course of a 71-61 victory over Northwestern, and then electrified the Spartan fanbase with rousing speech during Senior Day ceremonies following the game.
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Video is below.
Scroll down for audio of the entire speech.
A sampling of Izzo's best moments from the speech:
"I want everybody in this building to understand one thing: You've got yourself a blue collar coach that's never been given anything, and I don't want anything from anybody else in this state. We have a chance to do our own thing."
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"Last year we didn't feel sorry for anybody else. We lost a game at home that would've won it outright and we earn and get what we deserve and we worked our tail off. You should be prouder of this team than almost any team that I've had because we went through a lot with this team and they hung in there."
"And as I said, I don't ever want to get anything back-door. I'm a bust 'em right through the front door kind of guy and that's the way we are and that's the way you are!"
"So don't feel bad, cause maybe a banner won't be hanging this year, but memories will. Memories will. And they will be some of the best memories I've had. I told my team this morning 30-straight times they showed up. We weren't always great. We had no let-downs like the other Top 15 teams. We didn't get upset by anybody and we fought and scratched for everything we got.
"And just like last year, maybe we didn't accomplish exactly what we wanted to at the end of the regular season, but 31 times your team showed up. Thirty-one now. And next weekend, our ass is showing up! I promise you that!"
Izzo and Nix - senior day from SpartanMag on Vimeo.
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