Extra Charge for an Extra Large

EAST LANSING - Antonio Jeremiah may be Kirk Cousins' most expensive lineman. That's what happens when they start charging extra for T-Shirts larger than XL.
But in exchange for protecting him from the likes of Adrian Clayborn, Kirk Cousins was willing to fork-over a few extra bucks.
"You're always looking for ways to please the guys," Cousins said. "And actually, I got them all t-shirts. By the end of camp hopefully we'll get them to o-line."
And what pray tell do these t-shirts say?
"Well, that's still a secret," Cousins said.
Cousins made the t-shirt over the summer and ordered them during his week off. He plans to unveil them to the o-line before relinquishing any details.
The master plan only had one hitch.
"When I called to order them I said, 'Now what's the price?'," Cousins explained. "And they said, 'Well, every size above an XL is going to be a dollar more'. I thought, 'Oh boy. We got a lot of big boys.'
"So I go around asking for sizes and we had
one 4X, a lot of 3X, and a few 2X's.So that made it a bit more difficult.
"But those guys keep me on the field and they're more important than anybody. So I can put out a few more bucks for them, because they're extremely important to our success."
As it turns out, Cousins may have gotten off easy. D.J.Young said he felt his protection was worth a television.
**Watch the video above to hear more about what Kirk Cousins had to say at Michigan State's 2010 Media Day, including how Keith Nichol heeded Coach Treadwell's advice of 'You can be bitter, or you can be better.'