EAST LANSING - Since taking Chicago by storm,the amount of attention Kirk Cousins is receiving has elevated. For Kirk, this means a few more cameras, a few more phone calls, a million more emails.
But what it does not alter,the senior quarterback insists,the amount of pressure he is under. That's because all of the pressure that Cousins feels, and has felt, has always come from within. The pressure of defending a Big Ten Championship, the pressure of unintentionally becoming a spokesman for what is right in college football, the pressure of distributing the ball evenly to the growing number of skill players around him, these are all pressures from the outside. And these are all pressures that Cousins says pale in comparison to the pressure he puts on himself. In fact, he says the coach-speak he most often receives is 'Enjoy yourself, Kirk', 'Take it easy, Kirk'.
But his coaches know, his teammates know, and - after Chicago - the nation knows, that that's just not how this guy goes about his business as usual.

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