February 19, 2008

Coach's Corner featuring DeAngelo Tyson

Who can tell you more about who you will be cheering for in the coming years better than the prospect's head coach? We put together a short question and answer segment asking the coaches questions about their former star recruits and future Georgia Bulldogs. The prospect featured in this edition of the Coach's Corner is four-star defensive tackle DeAngelo Tyson out of Statesboro (Ga.).

Statesboro Head Coach Steve Pennington took the time to answer the following questions about Tyson.

Tell us about Tyson's play in 2007.

"With all of the attention Regionally and Nationally that he received, a lot of people on that side probably would say that he did not have a great year, but I thought he played very, very well. There are several reasons why I say that and think that. One, he is an "X" on his chest, which led to other teams double and triple teaming him him week in and week out because he anchored our defense. Two, we had five games in a row where we faced teams that ran the spread offense and his strength is the running game, so that neutralized what all he could do. On the outside, it may not have looked like he was doing that good from a fan perspective, but every Sunday, his technique was good, his effort was very good and really he had a very good year (66 tackles/10 sacks)."

How has he improved while you have been coaching him?

"I think he has progressed more mentally, especially as he progressed into his senior year. He always had the physical tools and he could kind overpower people with his strength, his power, and his quickness. This year for example, he was picking up so many double teams and triple teams, he actually learned how to play against those blocks better and still make an impact and get to the football. Another thing that I think has helped him in getting better is he became more selfless this year. It would have been easy for him to get frustrated by all the blocking schemes against him, but he knew he was actually doing our team a better service when he gave up himself to free our linebackers to make a play. I think mentally and emotionally, he understand about sacrifice and also how to play the game technique wise against double and triple teams."

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