December 18, 2007

Ibiloye impressed by Harris' maturity

At this point in Nic Harris' senior year of high school it would be hard to believe that he'd the player recruiting future Sooner nickelbacks. He seemed all but destined to become a Michigan Wolverine, but after some family issues he found himself wanting to stay closer to home and eventually surprised people on National Signing Day by choosing the Sooners.

This weekend he hosted one player who made a much earlier decision to join the ranks in Norman but his well-known maturity was something that struck Joseph Ibiloye immediately.

"Nic was my host, he is just real mature. He said he was going into a good situation at Michigan and things happened so he ended up going to Oklahoma to be closer to his family and he said it was real good," Ibiloye said.

Harris has always played something of a hybrid between safety and linebacker and many have expected Ibiloye to take on the same role. However, after talking to Oklahoma coaches Brent Venables and Bobby Jack Wright it seems that Ibiloye's only transfer between the positions may be between seasons.

"I was around both of them and we watched some film of the safeties. They said they are going to start me out as a safety but they think I might grow out of it," he said. "That's fine with me, it's hard for me to imagine myself being big like Curtis Lofton but if I'm up to 230-pounds I guess I am then."

While it's clear Ibiloye admires Harris and several more of the current Sooners, he has become close with fellow Garland, Texas native Casey Walker. The two even flew up together from Dallas to Norman.

The two spent a lot of time with their player-hosts and several other Dallas area natives.

"We knew of each other before the season, but we hadn't really talked until we both committed this summer," he said. "We got to know Demarcus Granger and Lendy Holmes. Demarcus opened up to us, he was real cool and was telling us how he feels about the school."

Most had anticipated that Ibiloye would now simply be preparing for his career as a Sooner but he has been invited to take part in the offense-defense All-American game on Jan. 4 along with future teammate Dejuan Miller.

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