November 15, 2007

Former NFL veteran talks about UT commit

The Beaumont Kelly football program is enjoying success under head coach Mike Long. Kelly enters Saturday's playoff game against Fort Worth Nolan with a 9-0 record coming off of a hard fought 18-17 win over a talented St. Pius team. One of the reason for the perfect season for the Bulldogs is Texas Longhorn commit Kheeston Randall, who is receiving some hands on coaching from a former Beaumont West Brook star that played eight seasons in the NFL.

Frank Middleton is a former West Brook All-American and University of Arizona two-year starter that was drafted in the third round NFL draft choice in 1997 and spent eight years in the NFL. Not yet ready to step away from the game of football, Middleton is in his second season as a coach for the private school.

The benefactor of Middleton's vast experience in the game has been Randall. On Wednesday, Middleton sat down with to talk about Randall's development and what he feels like he can bring to the high school level as well as what he can learn coaching on the high school level.

Q: What have you seen from Kheeston Randall's play that you like? Where has he improved?

A: I think he got aggressive. Last year, he was just big. This year he is more physical, he uses his hands better and he throws his body around. He really throws his body around. He has just got aggressive and started using his hands more.

Q: On the next level, what position do you see Randall playing?

A: Something like a nose tackle or three-technique. He's an inside guy. I don't think he's quick enough to be an outside guy. I could see him really doing some damage as a three technique and from what I get, that is what Texas and LSU want him to play.

Q: What do you think Randall needs to keep improving upon at the next level?

A: Get stronger. All he's got to do is get stronger. He's got the perfect attitude. He keeps the attitude about football the same and he'll be okay. Get stronger every year.

Q: You played against the best and have played in a Super Bowl, what is the jump in intensity level like at the next level and beyond?

A: The biggest difference for guys is handling the pressure. Kheeston has a nice, playful attitude, so I think his adjustment will be alright. He's got to grow up, become a man, become independent and just take care of business. I think he can do that.

Q: What has it been like going from NFL player to coaching on the high school level?

A: Hard man, hard. I go from people telling me what to do and it, to telling kids what to do and they aren't quite doing it like I say. I'm learning that conversation is better than an argument. It's really teaching me patience.

Is coaching something you want to do for a while? What are your plans?

If Kheeston and the guys win the state title, I might retire again and go fishing. I'd like to coach, but I've got to put in my time first preparing.

Q: What are your memories from the football experience? What can you pass along to the Kelly players?

A: Enjoy it. The moment is fast. Eight years goes by fast, four years goes by fast. Live in the moment. Never take a day off. Work hard and have fun. It goes by fast.

Entering Saturday's playoff game against Fort Worth Nolan, Randall has 50 tackles, 11 sacks, nine additional quarterback hurries and two forced fumbles from his defensive end position. Randall also rotates at quick tackle for Kelly on offense.

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