September 9, 2007

St. Xavier gets best of Glenville

Depending on which poll people look at, the St. Xavier Bombers could be considered the best team in the country. The Glenville Tarblooders made the long trip down I-71 with the intention of knocking off the Bombers. However it was too much St. X, and Cordale Scott and company were sent home with a disappointing 27-12 defeat.

The game started off as well as Glenville could have hoped for. The Tarblooders defense stopped the Bombers on their first drive forcing a punt. From there Glenville went on the attack.

Glenville, which was led by their huge offensive line, just drove the ball right down the field on the vaunted St. Xavier defense. Quarterback Terrence Owens was finding receivers open, and the speed of Glenville seemed to be a major factor.

On a pair of third downs, Glenville went to Scott and he made two big catches. On one third and long in particular, Owens found Scott on a slant. Right after the catch Scott was absolutely unloaded on by Stanford bound strong safety Fred Craig, but he held onto the ball keeping the drive alive.

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