August 29, 2007

Mike Martin video interview and highlights

Among Michigan's first commitments for the class of 2008, Detroit Catholic Central defensive tackle Mike Martin started his senior season off with a win on Friday, helping to defeat Detroit Southeastern. See a video interview and highlights by clicking the link below.

On starting the season with a win:

"That's what we've been working for, for nine month since last year ended. We were pissed off about our season. These last couple - three years haven't been good for us. We've just been working our butts off, and this is what we get in return, so that just shows you what hard work gives you for a team."

On playing in the hot humid weather:

"We talked about that yesterday. We practice in this weather, so we said this was an advantage for our team. We didn't know that they didn't practice in this weather, but we knew we were out here three and a half hours, four hours a day practicing in this weathers, so we were pumped for it."

On being double teamed:

"I came in this game knowing I would be double teamed. That's just - that's their strategy. That's smart on their behalf because, I'm not trying to brag, but I'm a good football player and they know that. But that just opens up my other players, and that's just not being selfish right there. And that just gives me enthusiasm to get better going into college. That's the main thing right there. Just going to college."

On if this game helped him better prepare for mobile quarterbacks in the future:

"I learned a lot from this game. That's what's the most important thing. Coach always tells us, 'you either become a better football player one day or you become worse. You never stay the same.'"

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