August 3, 2007

More than two schools in picture for Gardiner

Dublin (Ohio) Coffman linebacker Steve Gardiner may not be as close to a decision as everyone thinks. The list of schools on his player page shows Northwestern and Pittsburgh as his two finalists, but truth be told, there are more than two horses in this field.

If Gardiner's recruitment was a horse race, the horses would be coming off the fourth turn with Northwestern and Pittsburgh in the lead, neck-and-neck. But right behind those two would be West Virginia, just a length or so back and charging hard. And coming up on the outside would be two dark horses, Michigan State and Ohio State, either of which could have enough of a kick left to overtake the others down the stretch.

If nothing else, all of this could make for an exciting finish.

Gardiner has seven offers right now, and of those, Northwestern and Pittsburgh are his two favorites.

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