January 28, 2014

Hoop Feed: Corrections and lessons

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EAST LANSING - The initial stages of recovering and rebuilding from the loss to Michigan involved film study and skull sessions for Tom Izzo and his players, Sunday and Monday.

After emptying the gas tank on Saturday night against the Wolverines, Izzo didn't ask his injured team to get back on the court for a pounding practice, Sunday. They had a light day, out of necessity, prior to Monday's travel to Iowa City for tonight's game with the Hawkeyes.

"I'm not sure ever in my career I had two days to prepare (for a game) and more or less gave the players the day off," Izzo said "Yesterday (Sunday) I more or less did and it was a necessity thing. So that part has been different for me but by the time I'm done, I guess I'm going to have crossed every 't' and dotted every 'i' and gone through everything and it's going to make us better."

The areas Izzo wants his team to improve upon include:

  • Playing smarter at the end of games with the Spartans' current personnel limitations.

  • Free throw shooting.

  • Realizing that the coach knows what he is talking about when he says championships can be won and lost on details such as switch communication or a one-second lapse on in-bound defense.

    The last detail first:

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