December 30, 2013

Rose Bowl Feed: 'Ready to play'

LOS ANGELES - Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio says his team is for their date in the 100th Rose Bowl with Pac 12 champion Stanford.

"It gets to that point where you're done talking and you're just ready to play," said Dantonio. "I think we're at that point as a football team. How many more times can you practice the power which they run, how many more times can we do what we do against their defense we should know what to do."

Dantonio expects Michigan State to stay true to its identity on both sides of the ball.

"I think everybody has an idea and a plan when they go into a football game," said Dantonio, "and everybody's got a plan until they get hit, but then once things start to move forward you sort of begin to find your rhythm and probably return a little bit to who you are for the last 13 games."

Fundamentals and execution will be critical for Michigan State as it looks to extend its bowl winning streak to three games.

"The game is going to be played on the field," said Dantonio. "I believe it's going to come down to the execution of what we do, the blocking, the tackling, the catching the football, all the little things that really make the game of football what it is. There's a lot of things conceptually that you deal with, but at the same time the elements of football remain unchanged. It'll be who does those things the best, especially in this football game because we are similar in a lot of respects. We put an emphasis on the very basics of the game."

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