September 4, 2013

WAF: Warner wants to go long more often

Wednesday Afternoon Football:

EAST LANSING - Much focus and criticism has been placed on Spartan receivers for dropped passes during Friday's unsightly victory over Western Michigan.

On Wednesday, co-offensive coordinator Dave Warner cited other areas of the pass game that shared blame with the receivers, including his own play calling.

"I think certainly I could have taken a couple of shots, play-calling, down the field a little bit to try and provide opportunities," Warner said, when asked what areas, other than dropped passes, could have been better on Friday. "A great portion of our passing game was underneath, for supposedly high-percentage throws, which didn't turn out to be.

"But we needed to give our guys opportunities down the field to make plays and it just so happens that when things aren't clicking it's a little bit harder to make that call but in retrospect I should have thrown the ball downfield more and given the guys more chances."

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